Serendib Competency Assessments

“Competency is a combination of training, skills, experience, knowledge, attitude & physical ability and how they are applied towards fulfilling a responsibility”

In a world of increasing change and competition, Companies need to get their projects executed faster with fewer resources. There has never been a greater need to identify what the Employees must be, must know, do, and deliver to contribute more fully to their organizations.

In matching people with work, Serendib’s Competency Assessments enable you to identify the skills gaps among employees against their responsibilities.

Often what we want to know is as much about HOW candidates go about getting things done as about WHAT they know about how to do. For instance, we might want to know…

HOW does this person take initiative and ensure results in work assignments?
HOW does this person communicate and work with other people?
HOW does this person deal with conflict or obstacles?

Serendib’s Competency Assessments cover the following job functions:

Plant, Machinery, Vehicles
Construction & Project Management
Document Control